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Do I Have Dental Anxiety or a Dental Phobia? | Skiatook Dentist

Dental Anxiety

For patients suffering from dental anxiety, dental appointments feel uneasy about dental appointments. But those suffering from dental phobia have a much more intense reaction. In general, people with dental phobia suffer from poorer health and tend to live shorter lives, due to the fact that poor dental health is somehow related to heart disease and lung infections, among other life-threatening conditions. So, what constitutes a dental phobia over anxiety?

Fear of pain. Surprisingly, fear of pain is much more common in adults as opposed to kids. This is most likely because adults today lived through a time when “pain-free” dentistry had not existed yet and had to go through painful dental experiences early on.

Fear of helplessness. Sitting in a dental chair is probably one of the most helpless situations out there. Add to that the use of nitrous oxide or anesthesia in certain cases and you have a recipe that’s sure to trigger someone’s fear of losing control and feeling helpless.

Fear embarrassment. The mouth is as intimate as any body part can get. Having someone poking around inside can cause a sense of embarrassment, especially if they have poor dental habits. The fact that a dentist’s face is just inches away from one’s face and mouth is enough to make people feel anxious and uncomfortable.

Whether you’re suffering from dental anxiety or dental phobia, it’s imperative to make sure your dental professional aware of these issues. Your dentist will be more than happy to help you overcome your anxiety or fear.

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