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Holiday Foods You Should Avoid | Skiatook Dentist

The holidays are a delicious time of year and the last thing we want to do is avoid any of the amazing treats coming our way during the celebrations. Unfortunately, not all holiday food is good for our smiles. Not only can they harm our teeth, but they can also cause them to decay. So, before you get ready to attend your first holiday parties of the season, take a look at this quick list of foods you may want to rethink:

Candy canes. When we think of Christmas sweets, one of the first things that comes to mind is the candy cane. Those delicious cane-shaped confections are not only made of 100% sugar, but they take a while to eat. Sucking on a candy cane will leave sugar in your mouth longer than necessary, making it easier for cavity-causing bacteria to dig in and cause harm.

Popcorn. Do you have popcorn garlands or make popcorn balls as gifts for your guests? While popcorn is quite festive, eating popcorn can cause harm by getting stuck between teeth and gums. If you aren’t much of a flosser, this can lead to a buildup of cavity-causing bacteria. If you love popcorn, learn to love flossing.

Eggnog. Are you one that loves to indulge in a cup or two of eggnog? Sure, it is a fantastic adult beverage, but it is also loaded with sugar and fat. Because it is a drink, eggnog coats your mouth with sugary sweetness, turning your mouth into a bacterial playground. If you drink eggnog, make sure you rinse with water to limit the sugars remaining until you can brush.

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