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Should I get dental implants?

Cosmetic Dentistry has officially entered its “golden age”

Due to increased accessibility of cosmetic dental treatments, the popularity of aesthetic dental treatments are at an all-time high.

The one procedure that has captured the attention of many of our patients, is dental implants. But, what are dental implants? How do they work? How can you get them? These are the questions that everyone should ask before receiving a cosmetic dental treatment, and in this article we hope to give you a few quick answers to your most frequently asked questions.

What are implants?

In short, dental implants  are regarded as a semi-permanent treatment alternative to many dental concerns. The procedure involves attaching a customized façade securely to your existing teeth, thereby filling in the gaps in your smile, correcting any discoloration, and leaving the teeth with a unified glistening-white appearance. This façade is wafer thin, and should be indistinguishable from natural, healthy looking teeth by the end of treatment.

Once you have received your implants, your teeth will still function normally, and usually require very little additional maintenance. In many cases implants can last decades with little-to-no specialized assistance.

What’s involved in the procedure?

Receiving dental implants is a complex treatment option that should only be done by a licensed and skilled dentist. Given the surge of interest in dental implants  in particular, you can now find a general dentist to perform the treatment; for example, Dr. Brad Williams of WilliamsDentalOK.com in Skiatook, Oklahoma.

Receiving a dental implant is an outpatient surgical procedure that is (most often) performed in steps …

  • The unhealthy tooth is extracted
  • The jawbone is prepped for the procedure
  • After the jawbone has some time to heal, your doctor will outfit your jaw with a metallic dental implant post which will be used to support a prosthesis (like veneers)
  • The jaw is allowed further time to heal in preparation to receive veneers or some other kind of tooth-replacement
  • The doctor installs an abutment, which is an addition to the implant post
  • After taking a little more time to heal, your dentist will take impressions of your teeth (and jawbone) and implant the replacement teeth.

The entire treatment can require several months (from start to finish) to complete, however, most of this time is spent during the healing stages between trips to your doctor.

Should I consider dental Implants?

You should consult directly with WilliamsDentalOK.com before contemplating any type of voluntary treatment, like implants . Only qualified dentists, who are equipped with your full medical track-record and a professional relationship with you, can tell you for certain if implants are a good option for you. However, implants are used to resolve many common oral health problems. So, if you have experienced …

  • Tooth discoloration
  • Chipped, broken, or worn-down teeth
  • Misaligned or uneven teeth
  • Missing teeth

Then implants could be a real game-changer for your oral health, since they are commonly used to treat those specific conditions. And the benefits are tremendous …

  • Although brand new, your smile will look extremely natural
  • Teeth will be better able to resist staining
  • Color and alignment correcting for all of your teeth without painful braces or other orthodontic options.
  • Teeth will feel stronger and, in some cases, less sensitive

If you feel that dental implants are the right decision for you, then contact Dr. Williams today!


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