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Straightening Things Out | Skiatook Dentist

Let’s face it – your smile is less than perfect. It’s a new year, why not make the jump to give yourself a new smile? Braces are a great way to help fix your bite and straighten your teeth, but you may have a question or two before making that investment. Here are some basic, yet highly informative questions you may want to run by your dentist at your consultation:

How long will the treatment take?

When it comes to braces, each patient is different, but you should be able to get a ballpark figure.

How painful is it going to be?

The shifting of your teeth and how the braces rub inside of your mouth can be quite uncomfortable, but there are lots of options to alleviate the pain as the adjust.

Are there foods to avoid?

Gum or anything sticky, soda and any type of hard candy are universally recognized as bad for people with braces.

Should I brush my teeth differently?

Take the time to ask the orthodontist about the proper brushing and flossing method to remove all the food particles lodged in between your teeth and gums.

What about head gear?

There are cases where headgear is used to correct an underbite.

How often do I have to come for adjustments?

You will need monthly visits so that they can check the progress, as well as make any necessary adjustments.

What is the total cost?

You will want to ask just how much the whole procedure will cost you, as well as any payment plans offered so it’ll be easier on their wallet.

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