George Washington and His Wooden Teeth | Skiatook Dentist

George Washington is arguably one of our most celebrated presidents we’ve ever had. Not only a forefather of our great country, but a great leader. But his legacy isn’t just leadership achievements, it also has some interesting myths. We’ve all heard the cherry tree myth, where he famously stated he “cannot tell a lie”. But have you heard the idea that George Washington had wooden teeth? It’s true. Well, it’s sort of true.

It is no myth that George Washington had dental issues. At the time, it wasn’t tough to develop dental problems, especially in the military. And since dental technology was primitive at best, poor dental health was a general throughout his entire career. Because of these issues, he wore various sets of dentures constructed of ivory, gold and lead. Unfortunately, wood was never even an option at the time. Myth busted.

So why do we think he had wooden teeth? Well, dental scientists and historians believe it was due to the ivory set he used. As with all of us, teeth become stained over time. Because they were made of ivory, these studies lead us to believe the stained ivory gave the impression of wood.

Believe it or not, when George Washington did his First Inaugural Address in 1789, he only had one natural tooth, so the dentures were definitely necessary, and because they weren’t constructed as well as they are today, they were very painful to wear. This dental pain forced him to have a dour expression at all times. It is possible the myth was construed to make President Washington more relatable and less remote.

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Thankfully, Halloween Is Only One Day a Year | Skiatook Dentist

As soon as October hits, the air turns from Indian summer to chilly Fall. And just like that, out come the cutest little ghouls and goblins waiting to trick-or-treat. Yes, the tiny humans in your family are especially excited about this sugary nightmare of a holiday and there is little a parent can do. After all, we know that too much of a sugary thing will only lead to dental issues in the future. But there is no need to deprive your child of this sweetest of holidays, just keep an eye on what it could do to their teeth. The following is a list of your child’s Halloween dental health enemies:

Sour. Sour candies can ruin your tooth enamel by combining sweet with sour for a pH level of 2.5, a level that high can cause serious damage to developing teeth so keep them clear of this fruity confection.

Sticky. It may seem fairly harmless, but sticky candy is some of the worst for teeth. Not only does the sticky texture stick to your teeth’s surface and in their crevices, but they can also loosen dental fixtures, like braces or fillings.

Gummi. Similar to caramels and other sticky candies, gummy candies also stick to the crevices of your teeth, making it difficult to remove with a brushing or a quick rinse of water.

Hard. Not only can hard candy damage teeth when bitten, but even if you don’t bite them, sucking on hard candy isn’t a quick process, making time for sugars to nestle into a tooth and cause cavities extensive.

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Getting New Natural Looking Teeth through Dental Implants

dental implant

Getting New Natural Looking Teeth through Dental Implants

Dental implants are one of the best, if not the best, choices when it comes to replacing missing teeth. The results don’t just look natural, as if you never lost any teeth at all, but they are also very secure and are a lot more comfortable compared to bridges and dentures. While it is true that getting an implant is not by any means a quick process, the fact that the newly restored tooth or teeth look and feel natural are well worth the hassle.

Before treatment begins, your dentist will have to assess first if your teeth are suitable for implants. This usually includes taking x-rays to check the bone density and mass of your jaws. Once your dentist has finished the evaluation and you’re found out to be a suitable candidate, the dentist will then begin going over with you the different stages involved in the planning of the surgery.

The Placement of the Dental Implant

To start things, the dental surgeon will insert an implant into your jaw. This implant is usually made from titanium because this element rarely, if at all, produces any negative reactions with the human body. The implant will then be left to heal to allow osseointegration, or for the implant to fuse naturally into your jawbone.

The surgery won’t really take long, but you should still rest after. If you feel woozy or if there’s any discomfort, the use of over-the-counter painkillers is allowed.

After the implant has healed, the second part involves uncovering the implant, then another surgical procedure, only this time to attach a post. But, only if necessary, which doesn’t always happen to be the case.

Lastly, the crown will be custom-made so that it fits right over the post. The dentist will take an impression of your implant and then send it over to a dental laboratory. The color or shade of your teeth will also be measured to make sure that the crown doesn’t stand out once it’s fitted in.

The final process usually takes around two weeks as the crown has to be custom-made first in the laboratory and then sent back to your dentist. Once it’s finished, the crown will be fitted and it should look and even feel as if you had your old tooth put right back in there.

This is where the process ends and where the dentist will tell you how to take proper care of your dental implant, as well as your teeth. If taken care of properly, dental implants can last for a decade or even more! In fact, it’s not surprising for the implant to last for the rest of an adult patient’s life.

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