George Washington and His Wooden Teeth | Skiatook Dentist

George Washington is arguably one of our most celebrated presidents we’ve ever had. Not only a forefather of our great country, but a great leader. But his legacy isn’t just leadership achievements, it also has some interesting myths. We’ve all heard the cherry tree myth, where he famously stated he “cannot tell a lie”. But have you heard the idea that George Washington had wooden teeth? It’s true. Well, it’s sort of true.

It is no myth that George Washington had dental issues. At the time, it wasn’t tough to develop dental problems, especially in the military. And since dental technology was primitive at best, poor dental health was a general throughout his entire career. Because of these issues, he wore various sets of dentures constructed of ivory, gold and lead. Unfortunately, wood was never even an option at the time. Myth busted.

So why do we think he had wooden teeth? Well, dental scientists and historians believe it was due to the ivory set he used. As with all of us, teeth become stained over time. Because they were made of ivory, these studies lead us to believe the stained ivory gave the impression of wood.

Believe it or not, when George Washington did his First Inaugural Address in 1789, he only had one natural tooth, so the dentures were definitely necessary, and because they weren’t constructed as well as they are today, they were very painful to wear. This dental pain forced him to have a dour expression at all times. It is possible the myth was construed to make President Washington more relatable and less remote.

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Straightening Things Out | Skiatook Dentist

Let’s face it – your smile is less than perfect. It’s a new year, why not make the jump to give yourself a new smile? Braces are a great way to help fix your bite and straighten your teeth, but you may have a question or two before making that investment. Here are some basic, yet highly informative questions you may want to run by your dentist at your consultation:

How long will the treatment take?

When it comes to braces, each patient is different, but you should be able to get a ballpark figure.

How painful is it going to be?

The shifting of your teeth and how the braces rub inside of your mouth can be quite uncomfortable, but there are lots of options to alleviate the pain as the adjust.

Are there foods to avoid?

Gum or anything sticky, soda and any type of hard candy are universally recognized as bad for people with braces.

Should I brush my teeth differently?

Take the time to ask the orthodontist about the proper brushing and flossing method to remove all the food particles lodged in between your teeth and gums.

What about head gear?

There are cases where headgear is used to correct an underbite.

How often do I have to come for adjustments?

You will need monthly visits so that they can check the progress, as well as make any necessary adjustments.

What is the total cost?

You will want to ask just how much the whole procedure will cost you, as well as any payment plans offered so it’ll be easier on their wallet.

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October Is National Dental Hygiene Month | Skiatook Dentist

I got a chuckle out of a saying I heard earlier this week, “You don’t have to brush your teeth. Just the ones you want to keep.” Such a funny way to phrase it, yet completely apropos. And as we celebrate National Dental Hygiene Month, we should take a moment to take a look at the way we care for our teeth. You never know – you may find out that you could be doing a better job with just a few tweaks.

The four basic dental hygiene rules you should keep in mind for a healthy grin are as follows:

  • Brushing twice a day, morning and night, for at least two minutes each session. Keeping cavity-causing bacteria from settling in your mouth will prevent future dental issues.
  • Flossing once a day, ideally before you sleep. Flossing gets in between places your toothbrush can’t, keeping your gums strong and healthy.
  • Limiting the snacks consumed, especially those full of sugar, each day. Try healthier options when available. A quick rinse with water will also clear out excess sugars.
  • Visiting the dentist every 3-6 months for regular checkups and professional cleaning. Keeping dental appointments will not only give your mouth a deep cleaning, but the checkup will point out issues that may be arising, as well as give you better insight as to what you need to do to improve your smile.

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There Are Real Reasons to Keep Your Teeth Straight | Skiatook Dentist

If you really think about it, very few of us have a perfect smile. In fact, without the help of dental work, most of us would never be able to have one. But have you ever thought about what would happen if you didn’t bother to fix your grin? Here are ten different reasons you need to keep your teeth straight:

Better brushing. If your teeth are crooked, you will find that it is easier to keep your teeth clean as it is tougher to brush and floss.

Clear speech. When your teeth are crooked, you may find that you have difficulty speaking properly. You may slur your words or have a lisp.

Eating issues. You may not think about it, but if you have crooked teeth, you aren’t going to be chewing properly. And if you don’t chew properly, you could end up with digestive issues as a result.

Accidents will happen. We all live active lives, but active lives are more prone to accidents. If your teeth are crooked tooth damage is likely, but you may also find that picking a proper mouth guard is tough.

Headaches are gone. If you’ve ever had chronic headaches, there is a good chance you have dental issues. If your teeth are straightened, your headaches will be gone as well.

Improved health. Not only will straight teeth lead to fewer dental issues, but they will also perpetuate a healthier lifestyle. And a healthier life is something worth smiling about.

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How Nuts Can Improve Your Smile | Skiatook Dentist

If we are trying to get healthier, there are a million and a half ways to get there. Keeping active is always necessary to keep the ol’ ticker moving, but our diets are also intricate in maintaining our health. One of the more recent health crazes is nut consumption. Anywhere you look, it seems our foods have become invaded by a variety of nuts. And for the most part, it is a delightful addition to most meals. That is, unless you have a nut allergy. In honor of National Pecan Month, let’s take a look at just how good these delightful little treats are for our overall health. Because the benefits of nuts go well beyond your taste buds. Here’s are the reasons why your body and smile benefit from nuts:

Snacking on nuts is a win-win regardless of your dietary restrictions. They’re packed with protein, fiber, essential fats and a whole lot of vitamins. Almonds and walnuts are full of calcium and vitamin E, which benefit skin and bones. Brazil nuts help with thyroid function and heart health while also buffing out your pearly whites!

From protein to potassium, there are just so many minerals found in nuts that benefit our mouths, it’s tough to not make them a part of your diet every day:

  • Protein supports tooth structure and development
  • Phosphorous strengthens tooth enamel
  • Magnesium helps enamel while resisting decay
  • Zinc strengthens tissue connectivity

The health benefits of nuts seem never-ending! So, when you are looking for a tasty treat to nosh on, why not pick up a handful of nuts? They are the ideal tooth-healthy snack!

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Gum Recession Is Nothing to Ignore | Skiatook Dentist

Dental AnxietyGum recession is not only tough to look at, but more importantly, it is a sign of bigger issues. As your gums begin to weaken and recede, they begin to loosen your teeth. If left untreated, your teeth may even fall out. This is why is it important to make sure to visit your dental professional regularly – maintenance is key to keeping your oral health in order. But in between these visits, there are a few natural remedies you can have handy to take preventative measures, before your gums become an issue.

Green tea. Not only a satisfying drink choice, green tea has natural properties that will not only benefit your entire body, but also your teeth and gums. A study was published in the Journal of Periodontology that revealed that men between the ages of 49-59 that drank green tea daily had a beneficial effect against three indicators of gum disease, and showed a decrease in oral cancer cell growth.

Eucalyptus oil. Eucalyptus is great for lots of antibacterial purposes, but is also excellent for cavities, plaque and gingivitis prevention. In fact, the germicidal properties are so great for our teeth, it’s an ingredient in lots of different dental products.

Vitamin C. We know vitamin C is ideal for getting rid of cold because of its antibacterial properties, but chewing a vitamin C pill daily can also reduce swelling, receding and bleeding in your gums as well. Just don’t go overboard – too much acid in your diet can wear teeth enamel.

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Quick Ways to Relieve a Toothache | Skiatook Dentist

Vector cartoon sick tooth. Decay and destroy tooth.We use our mouth for so much of our daily life, when in pain, it’s so much worse. Generally, a toothache can be remedied with a quick trip to the dentist, but what if the dentist isn’t close by, or you’re waiting for an appointment that is days away? In honor of National Toothache Day (Feb. 9), it is important to know there are some things you can do at home to help ease your pain until you can get in a dentist chair…

NOTE: Make sure you aim any of these remedies at the tooth in pain for utmost effectiveness. And if you choose a rinse, do NOT swallow it. They are cleaning out the bacteria in your mouth, so it’s best not to ingest it.

Rinses. There are a few things you can swish around in your mouth, but they may not be the greatest tasting options. Warm salt water, hydrogen peroxide, a shot of alcohol, tea tree or oregano oil in some warm water are all options to relieve some tooth pain.

Cotton balls. Soaking a cotton ball in vanilla extract, apple cider vinegar, tea tree or oregano oil, or baking soda with some water will soak into your sore tooth for optimal relief.

Everyday foods. It may not entice you to soak your tooth in some less than tasty options, so there are lots of different foods you can chew on that will help tooth pain. These foods include: ginger root, garlic, onion, cucumber, potato, and plantain.

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Give Your Teeth a Whitening Boost | Skiatook Dentist

teeth whitening with boostIn a day and age where physical appearance plays such a large part in our day-to-day lives, we are becoming more and more concerned about what our smile looks like. After all, our smile is the first thing we present to strangers as we go about our lives. Making sure it’s a good one is important. One aspect of these great smiles is white teeth. There are lots of products on the market that can help us keep our smiles white, but the most effective way is to visit your dentist. Here at Williams Dental and Orthodontics, we use Opalescence Boost teeth whitening treatment to bring your pearly whites to their full potential.

Boost is an in-office whitening treatment, typically recommended for highly discolored teeth. What makes it different than other whitening treatments is that it does not require UV lights or lasers often associated with other in-office whitening techniques. With Boost, two gels are mixed – one containing hydrogen peroxide for whitening, and a second containing fluoride to strengthen tooth enamel and potassium nitrate to help with tooth sensitivity. It is then applied to the teeth.

There are a few steps to this treatment, but nothing to be concerned about. Prior to your appointment, your dentist will likely recommend a professional cleaning to remove any calcified tartar. On the day of the appointment, your dentist will apply protective material to your gums and tongue to prevent damage to the soft tissues. Once the rest of the mouth is protected, the gels are mixed and applied to the outer surface of your teeth. The gel will remain on your teeth for approximately 15 minutes before it is suctioned off. Once your mouth is rinsed, the protective material will be removed. Depending on the shade of the stain, the process may be repeated multiple times in the same visit.

So, when it comes to choosing a teeth whitening treatment, know Boost whitening is a conservative but effective in-office cosmetic procedure capable of enhancing a patient’s smile, often in a single visit. It’s suitable for patients with heavily stained or sensitive teeth because it requires no special UV light or laser for activation.

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The Benefits of Having Straight Teeth | Skiatook Dentist

close up smile red lipstickSmile imperfections are natural. In fact, it’s more natural to have an imperfection than it is to not have one. So, we get cosmetic dental surgery to fix those imperfections. Braces, veneers, dental implants – these dental options work wonders for our smile. And it’s important to get these imperfections fixed. Not only for cosmetic purposes, but there are many more benefits to having straight teeth.

The most obvious would be function. If you have straight teeth, it is easier to chew up your food properly, which in turn aids in proper digestion. Crooked or crowded teeth make chewing difficult as the misalignment causes your bite to be irregular. Additionally, if your teeth are crooked, it is easier to get food trapped in the crevices. This makes keeping your mouth free from cavity-causing bacteria very tricky. Cleaning is difficult because it is tough moving around your teeth, making your mouth susceptible to dental issues in the future. Having your teeth straightened will make your dental routine much simpler, thereby preventing dental issues from developing. Even your speech is affected by crooked teeth. Speech impediments, like lisps, not only affect the way you speak, but can also affect your confidence throughout life.

Dental imperfections not only affect your appearance, but they can also do further damage to your mouth. Protruding teeth are more prone to chipping and breaking, even cause injury on the inside of your mouth. If you lead an active lifestyle, it made me difficult to find a proper mouthguard. Additionally, the less issues you encounter because of your crooked smile, the less you have to budget in your wallet for dental trips. Bonus!

Straight teeth will not only look great, but they will also help mentally by boosting your confidence and self-esteem. After all, the prettier your smile is, the more you want to show it off. You’re happy, so you treat yourself well. You treat yourself better, your overall health will improve. So, make an appointment with your dentist to discuss a treatment plan. The pros definitely outweigh the cons.

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